Welcome to Full Circle Doula Group

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Welcoming a new family member is an exciting and complicated time of life. With so many decisions to make and so much to prepare for it can feel overwhelming at times. Physical and emotional support is essential during this amazing time in your life.

Trained and experienced in childbirth, our role as doulas is to provide continuous emotional, physical, and informational support during labor, birth and the immediate postpartum period.

A woman who is well-supported during the birth of her baby, is more likely to feel satisfied with this life transforming experience.   We help you be informed consumers so you can work as a team with the doctor/midwife/nurses during the birth process.   Medical interventions are sometimes helpful or necessary. If you are well-informed and well-supported, no matter what the outcome of your birth (natural childbirth with no medical intervention, pain relief, induced labor, or Caesarian birth) you are more likely to have a positive birth experience and to be more present to your newborn child.